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Intro to Intuition as a Way of Life: Lecture Series and Introductory Course in Intuition Development.

*2 hours/week for 4 weeks. 
*Hosted on Zoom.


February 18th
February 25th
March 4th
March 11th


7:00 - 9:00 PM EST


Early Bird | $75

Closes 2/11

Standard Admission | $200

Closes 2/17

Price Includes:

— Live Lectures + Q+A  
— Private Telegram Access
— Access to Replays

Founded on the premise that intuition is not an 'accessory' that 'outputs' answers, but a force you wield within, the information presented in this course provides a proper foundation for a lifelong practice regardless of experience level.

This material was adapted from the embodied wisdom of my lived experience and my work as a seasoned intuitive practitioner in the professional arena. It has been carefully curated for a general audience. This will be the first time I have shared some of the core concepts with anyone.

This is not exclusively for those who are considering a career in the intuitive arts, this is for anyone seeking practical tools for profound self-awareness, the ability to recognize the spiritual in the everyday, knowledge on how to expand and strengthen psychic capacity, clarity on discerning life purpose, and greater creative freedom in the form it takes.

Lecture Schedule:

︎Week 1: Orientation: Space | Time


— Defining intuition and psychic ability

— Creating space for this practice (literal + figurative)

— Psychic perception of time

— Understanding personal cycles

— Importance of meditation practice + tips


︎Week 2: ︎ Inner Dialogue | Interest Value

Importance of self study

Communication beyond words

Interests as guiding lights

‘Essential interest’ exercise

Self discovery + life purpose


Week 3: Poetic Sensibility | Sense by Symbol

Define poetic sensibility

Everyday poetics

Existence + thoughtforms

Sensing by symbol

Closing intuitive exercise


︎Week 4: Everything is Possible | Nothing is New

Developing the self that needs to be born

The role of fear in intuition development

'New' information and the human element

Closing intuitive exercises



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