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My work centers on self-exploration as a way of life, intuition as an essential fact of being, embracing the full expression of our multidimensionality, investigating divine law and universal truth, and advocating for a spiritually informed and autonomous society.

I also have a patent interest in surveying contemporary culture, art, music, film, and literature with intention to share the embedded psychic data I perceive within it.

I share insights and personal experiences in the form of writing, audio / video, commentary, and some curated media.

Beyond these offerings for the more passive observer, I intend to use this platform to build a community for those who seek to embody an empowered, ever-evolving, ever-expanding life of sacred experimentation.

*Tier benefits subject to change if I'm no longer feeling inspired + need to pivot.

By becoming a patron you are supporting my lifelong dream of being a forever student of the divine + creating a space for us to dream together.

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